* Welcome to Serena Estates! *
* BLUEFIELDS-11 * HS12 * 071 * * BISCAYNE BAY-06 * HS12 * 057 *
 Perfect grass/wooded themed parcel for those who want something cozy! Lovely surroundings, excellent customer service and plenty of prim to add those personal touches! Come see the difference at Serena Estates.


* BISCAYNE BAY-07 * HS12 * 057 * * SOLARIS-02 * HS04 * 147 *
 Looking for a private woodland retreat? Then look no more! This lovely green theme parcel is perfect for your needs! Our 24 hour customer support and helpful staff make this the easiest decision you may ever make in SL!

 I lovely beach setting with privacy and the perfect amount of prim to make your SL getaway yours! Need a new start? Come join us at Serena Estates and see the difference in our customer support.


 Sandy residential/commercial parcel on full region. Perfect for your business or home. 24/7 manager support service in friendly estate.